Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coming Along....Slowly

While I would very much like to move on from the accident and my injuries I am reminded constantly of the ongoing physical limitations, and the length of time it will take to get back to my former degree of fitness, strength and flexibility. I am told by my physical therapist to take things slowly so as not to add to the damage, resulting in a longer period of recovery. He has done ultrasound twice now which seems to loosen up the back muscles and I can feel the progress from one session to the next. While it is not exactly painful there can be painful muscle spasms and it is a slow process. When I visit my father, which I do several times a week, he notices my ongoing limitations and asks "Stiff today?" to which I respond with the same answer I give him every time, "Well, it is just the residual stiffness from the accident, no big deal." This seems to satisfy him and we can move on. I wonder if he then recalls, even briefly, that I was in the plane crash. While I was wearing the brace he was startled to see me in it each time and found it perplexing; he didn't remember from one visit to another why I was wearing it. That got tiresome for me, but I know it is not his fault that he forgets, it is the dementia. It is just hard and requires a great deal of patience. I look forward to the day when I am moving confidently and fluidly and he doesn't notice any problem.
Tomorrow Bart and I go to Cape Cod, for the first curling event of the season, except I will not be curling. Too soon. I do not have enough strength, flexibility or confidence yet that I can squat, stretch, slide, hop up out of the slide, sweep or otherwise perform on the ice. I will try to be positive about my ongoing recovery but this is depressing to me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Physical Therapy

No more brace! The X ray taken yesterday showed the same smooshed box of a vertabra, but the doc says that is normal and the way it will stay forever. Good healing is underway; given that I was in good shape before the accident and never a smoker my bones have healed well. Now it's on to physical therapy and getting back in shape for the curling season which starts in less than a month. I will try to get out on the ice--just to try it out, not to curl--next week when our team goes down to the Cape for the annual Bogspiel, our early season curling competition. Looking forward to seeing our friends down there, even if I can't curl. Can't wait to get back into it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rest in Peace, Uncle Zane and Don

Bart, Dad and I attended the funeral yesterday of Don Campbell, the Penobscot Island Air pilot who was killed last Wednesday when his plane crashed on Matinicus. On Saturday we drove down to Bridgeport to be with family in celebrating the life of Zane Yost, who was the husband of my father's youngest sister Megan. I think I saw more of Zane as a child than as an adult which is a shame because I think I would have appreciated him more had I spent time with him as an adult. I was glad and impressed to be reminded of his accomplishments as an architect and of his liberal views and creative ideas which certainly align with mine. I was glad to see many of my cousins there, and though there wasn't a lot of time to visit with them, I was glad to see them and their families.
Don, the pilot, on the other hand, I did not know well at all, but I wanted to be there for Kevin, the owner of Penobscot Island Air to express my sorrow and support for him and the other pilots in these tough times for them. Don led an exemplary life, always cheerfully helping others while pursuing his own interests.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Very, very, very upsetting. A second plane crash on Matinicus, surreal. I just found out. The pilot, Don, was killed. He was flying groceries out to the islanders and if anyone was outside at about 6 tonight you are aware of the wind conditions at that time. The plane hit a power line and crashed. This cannot be happening to the owner of PIA, Kevin Waters, the PIA pilots and everyone who knows how hard those guys work to serve the islands, the islanders and all of us. For there to be two freak accidents like this in so short a stretch of time is inconceivable. My heart is aching for Rob's family, Kevin, and all the PIA pilots.