Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where to see my work this summer

I will have work in a number of shows this year, between now and December. And there is the ongoing show in Qatar (!), if you can get there(!), and manage to get invited to the ambassador's residence...

  • April-May: "Epilogues," two person show with Jessica Straus, perimeter gallery at Chase's Daily restaurant, 96 Main Street, Belfast, Maine (see previous blog entry)

  • May: "Conversations in Collage," two person show with Ieva Tatarsky, Jonathan Frost Gallery, Park Street, Rockland, Maine

  • May-June: opening show at Betts Gallery, Main Street, The Belfast Framer, Belfast, Maine

  • August: Stable Show, Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • August-September: "Aarhusians Reunited," Betts Gallery, The Belfast Framer, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • September-November, "Library: The Stories We Are," Sohns Gallery, The Rock and Art Shop, Central Street, Bangor, Maine

And another opening next week!

Next Friday, May 1, is the first Friday art walk of the season in Rockland. I am glad Belfast changed theirs to the last Friday so there isn't the conflict anymore. I will be showing collages at the Jonathan Frost Gallery on Park Street along with Ieva Tatarsky. The opening is from 5:30 until 8, I think. Come to Rockland and see the art! Hopefully it will be a nice spring evening...
 This one is by Ieva Tatarsky. I took the photo and it is uncropped. Sorry, Ieva!
 I'll be showing a suite of collages that I am calling Blue series, #1-#19. I don't know how many will fit on the wall, maybe half. The rest I will leave with Jonathan in case something sells. He can then just replace it with another as they are all the same exact size, 14" X 11", framed.

I'll also be showing some other recent collages.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Opening at perimeter gallery this week

Rhubarb brain. Spring is here, early spring anyway. Early narcissus in bloom. Grass greening up. Hooray.
Thursday this week, April 23, is our opening at perimeter gallery in Belfast, 6-8 p.m. Come see the show and meet Jessica Straus, who will be here from Boston.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

perimeter gallery show in Belfast

I am posting some pictures of "Epilogues," a two person show at perimeter gallery which is at Chase's Daily restaurant in Belfast, Maine. It is a great open space with soaring ceilings and a long wall which accommodates large work very nicely. My work is paired with the intimate, hand carved pieces by Jessica Straus, an artist from Boston, who is a longtime friend. I love the way they hung the show, alternating the large with the small. Yes, that sculpture in the foreground is an obelisk. All my pieces are constructed with strips of book covers which have been stitched back together with linen thread to create solid forms or quilt like pieces. Jessica's pieces combine parts of old Yellow Pages books with hand carved wood forms. Note the nice shadows cast by Jessica's pieces.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lots of robins, still lots of snow

It was 19 degrees this morning when I left the house for my morning walk. ARRGGHH! While there are lots of robins hop hop hopping about, there is also still a whole lot of snow piled, piled, piled about, keeping everything colder than it should be. Yes, the sun is higher and much warmer, when it is out, but there is snow and rain predicted for this week. I've had enough!

On another note, I just confirmed a show in May at the Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland. He is giving me and my buddy Ieva Tatarsky a few walls to show our recent collages. The opening will be the first Friday in May, which I think is the 1st. So, below, you see Ieva's piece, "Kitchen Sink" (uncropped, I took the picture) and one of the collages from my blue winter series (as yet untitled).

Though "Blue Winter Series" works for me.