Friday, September 26, 2014

Countdown to Qatar: Four weeks away

Sunrise over the Camden Hills from our house in Appleton. These beautiful September days in Maine are precious. We're loving the sunrises, ground fog, foliage that's beginning to color up. We'll be doing our best to take adavnatge of this weather until October 24 when we board a plane for the Persian Gulf. We will be there less than a week but after talking with someone yesetrday who had lived in Qatar for two years recently I am feeling more excited and prepared for the adventure. We now know where we will be staying. The transport van is due next week to pick up the work and then it's just a question of finding out what else I will be asked to do, after I have installed Library.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Countdown to Qatar --Five weeks away

Flights have been arranged, arrangements arranged, hotel reserved, visa to be granted upon arrival, art transport van due next week. It's coming together, after a long wait, all summer. I have been revisitng the five panel part that will be installed in Qatar, adding, subtracting, inserting, reattaching, securing, even gluing so everything stays in place during trael then for the two and a half to three years I won't see the piece so won't be able to add to it or change it or secure things that have detached...this is a GOOD thing! I have discovered the other artists whose work will be included: Jeffery Becton, Gabriella d'Italia, Grace deGennaro, Clare Seidl, Anne Neely, Shannon Rankin and Alex Katz! To be invited on the Artist Exchange (even if it is to just install the work) is monumental. Other responsibilites have yet to be disclosed.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Countdown to Qatar 6 weeks away

It's count down time for the Artist Exchange trip to Qatar. It's just over six weeks away now. The piece I am sending is ready to ship but I don't ye know when the transportation company is coming to get it. Questions are really starting to come up. Not doubts, but questions having to do witht he specifics of the trip. We don't have our flight details yet! I will hopefully be talking to the travel coordinator with the Art in Embassies Program this week, today or tomorrow.