Friday, September 19, 2014

Countdown to Qatar --Five weeks away

Flights have been arranged, arrangements arranged, hotel reserved, visa to be granted upon arrival, art transport van due next week. It's coming together, after a long wait, all summer. I have been revisitng the five panel part that will be installed in Qatar, adding, subtracting, inserting, reattaching, securing, even gluing so everything stays in place during trael then for the two and a half to three years I won't see the piece so won't be able to add to it or change it or secure things that have detached...this is a GOOD thing! I have discovered the other artists whose work will be included: Jeffery Becton, Gabriella d'Italia, Grace deGennaro, Clare Seidl, Anne Neely, Shannon Rankin and Alex Katz! To be invited on the Artist Exchange (even if it is to just install the work) is monumental. Other responsibilites have yet to be disclosed.

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