Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where to see my work this summer

I will have work in a number of shows this year, between now and December. And there is the ongoing show in Qatar (!), if you can get there(!), and manage to get invited to the ambassador's residence...

  • April-May: "Epilogues," two person show with Jessica Straus, perimeter gallery at Chase's Daily restaurant, 96 Main Street, Belfast, Maine (see previous blog entry)

  • May: "Conversations in Collage," two person show with Ieva Tatarsky, Jonathan Frost Gallery, Park Street, Rockland, Maine

  • May-June: opening show at Betts Gallery, Main Street, The Belfast Framer, Belfast, Maine

  • August: Stable Show, Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • August-September: "Aarhusians Reunited," Betts Gallery, The Belfast Framer, Main Street, Belfast, Maine

  • September-November, "Library: The Stories We Are," Sohns Gallery, The Rock and Art Shop, Central Street, Bangor, Maine

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