Monday, October 10, 2011

Rest in Peace, Uncle Zane and Don

Bart, Dad and I attended the funeral yesterday of Don Campbell, the Penobscot Island Air pilot who was killed last Wednesday when his plane crashed on Matinicus. On Saturday we drove down to Bridgeport to be with family in celebrating the life of Zane Yost, who was the husband of my father's youngest sister Megan. I think I saw more of Zane as a child than as an adult which is a shame because I think I would have appreciated him more had I spent time with him as an adult. I was glad and impressed to be reminded of his accomplishments as an architect and of his liberal views and creative ideas which certainly align with mine. I was glad to see many of my cousins there, and though there wasn't a lot of time to visit with them, I was glad to see them and their families.
Don, the pilot, on the other hand, I did not know well at all, but I wanted to be there for Kevin, the owner of Penobscot Island Air to express my sorrow and support for him and the other pilots in these tough times for them. Don led an exemplary life, always cheerfully helping others while pursuing his own interests.

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