Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Do List, Accomplished

Blood drawn.
Cash wihdrawn from bank.
Hair cut (agreed to "product": smelly!!).
Latte at Bell the Cat.
Gift certificate at Left Bank Books redeemed. Picked up two books to be used as prizes for the Pine Tree in March and a copy of Melissa Coleman's book This Life is in Your Hands which Bart and I have been wanting to read.
Gas tank filled: 14.557 gallons at $3.639/gal for a total of $52.97.
Visit with Cipperly at Seaport Marine Museum Library to look at journals in their collection in preparation for the workshop I will give there in April in journaling.
Quick perusal of Searsport Antiques Mall where I scored some old books to use in my work and spent over $100.
Diamond Glaze finally picked up at Fiddlehead Artisan Supply.
Matboard scraps picked up from the Belfast Framer.
Bonus: a short visit with Kat, heard about her recent concussion. Lots of people slipping and injuring themselves on the ice this winter, even though there's been so litle snow.
Hardware store to pick up a small stepladder and broom for the studio.
Late lunch with KC at the Badger. Made plans for the summer!
Hannaford's for some fresh produce and a little pot of tete a tete narcissus.
Trip to Rockland to talk to Bruce Gamage about appraising some of dad's antiques, particularly two decoys he owns. We think they came from Lizzie's barn. They will go into a June auction and hopefully fetch a month's rent.

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