Thursday, March 22, 2012


Just got back from my first trip to Mexico last night. Fantastic time doing a little traveling with my sister Megan and her daughter Meara and her boyfriend Gage who have been traveling in Central America for the last six months. They had met up with a another traveler, from France whose name is Benoit, so we were five going to Puerto Moreles, Tulum, Merida then back to the beach on Isla de Mujeres. They were seasoned travelers and good guides and made sure we ate authentic Mexican food and stayed in authentic cheap hostels, not to mention drinking authentic Mexican beer. Megan and I had fun taking pictures of doorways and elctric boxes, which were always visible on the walls of buildings. The Mayan ruins were magical, the beach soft and the snorkeling highly successful. Next time I go I WILL speak Spanish, at least a little...

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