Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Art in Boston

Spent two fabulous days in Boston this week whipping around to see lots of art, art, art. Started at the Boston Sculptor's Gallery to see Jessica Straus' new show. Fabulous! We then went on to the ICA to see the Amy Stillman retrospective. I was unfamiliar with her work and I LOVE IT! Don't overlook the diagrams, they are hysterical. Then we continued on to the Art Institute of Boston where there was a show I'd wanted to see: Beyond The Wunderkammer, right up my alley. It was a small show, and because of that less overwhelmingly wonderful than I expected, but still good to see. The next day we started out at the New Art Center but unfortunately the show was down (too bad) then to the DeCordova where the Biennial is going on. This is a very mixed show, but two artists stood out: Nancy Andrews with a deliciously cool totally charming 25 minute video animation. I usually don't watch an entire video but this one commanded your attention. What a great artist! (And she lives in Maine). The other artist in the show who just blew us away was (is) Ethan Murrow whose perfectly rendered drawings of watercraft on the Great Wall going up the stairs (if you know the space you know it's three stories high) made for an extremely satisfying art experience. It made me sad to think that it will be painted over at the end of the show because it's drawn directly on the wall. He is SUCH a good artist! After this we went to the Clark Gallery where I was surprised to see paintings by a painter I just saw for the first time in Portland recently: Eleanor Miller. Beautiful, rich, exquisitely conceived surfaces and imagery of the natural world. I want one of those paintings!!! Then on to three galleries in Concord: the Concord Art Association where the show was just being installed and we didn't want to disturb the installers; the LaCoste Gallery downtown that shows ceramics (there were no fewer than seventeen pieces there that I wanted, wanted, wanted for my gardens), and then finally the Concord Library where there was a fundraiser for a local non-profit farm. A rich, dense two days, both humbling and energizing.

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