Monday, February 22, 2016

Not much of a writer!

Evidently I am not much of a writer. Never (hardly ever) think about putting into words on this blog stuff that is going through my head, or through my life. However, I have a few things coming up that merit mentioning, not the least of which is an upcoming return to Doha, at the end of March. This time I will be going with another artist, Alison Rector, also from this area in Maine. Alison and I know each other from crossing paths over the years in Belfast, but the reason we thought to show together is because I am still working with books in my art and she has been painting pictures of the interiors of libraries here in Maine over the last few years. Our exhibit, "Welcome To The Library" will be in Doha at a cultural center there, Katara, which is where I did a workshop and a presentation about my work when I was last there a year and a half ago. We will do more workshops this time, and stay a little longer. Alison is excited about going which is making me realize that I really am, too. Great opportunity for us. I will be sending, among other works, several more feet of "Library" to be installed to entirely cover the back wall of the room in which the rest of it is installed in Qatar, at the ambassador's residence. It will end up to be about 16 feet 8 inches of surface, from corner to corner. In addition to this great opportunity, I will be curating and installing a show here in Maine at the Harlow Gallery, in Hallowel toward the end of March. The opening of that show, "Altered", will be March 25. It will include six artists, all but one from Maine, and address the use of non traditional materials in the making of their art. More about that on the Harlow's website. I have invited artists Karen MacDonald, Daniel Anselmi, Ieva Tatasrsky, Paula Green (who died in 2010) and Jessica Straus to join me in this show that will be up through April.

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