Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An introduction, even to those who know me

I have been meeting with clients, both current and potential, these early days of spring and I want people to know something about my background and gardening experienc. I am not a casual gardener...I am a passionate, well informed gardener, with an artistic eye, a Master Gardener from way back, having taken the course back in 1991 when we lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That wasn't enough though, and I went on to enroll at Michigan State where I could learn more, a lot more, about landscape design and maintenace and go on to graduate at the top of my class. It was a challenge--all that science! I was an artist, I had avoided science all my life. And I turned 40 as that program ended. It made me nervous learning about soil science and plant pathology--even the course titles were intimidating. But I loved the plant identification classes, and I loved learning the Latin names of plants, a new language. And that is what keeps me going in this business, the plants and the designing of gardens.

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  1. YAY!!!! You're cyberized!!!! Now that I've found you, I'll be baaa-aaack.

    Ossifying Mainiacs (OM)