Monday, November 3, 2014

More pictures from Doha

Now that the power has been restored following yesterday's blizzard (we got 12 inches of snow on November 2--unheard of!) I can post some more photos.
 Installation of (a 10 foot section of) Library at the Ambassador's residence.You can see it's in a terrific location, as the main front entrance to the residence is to my back so it's the first thing anyone would see directly in front of them upon arrival. In this shot the carpenters are adding strips of wood from which the panels will be hung, in front of that doorway. I think that thing on the right that says Century has been relocated. It is something the Ambassador's sons Jake and Ryan were using for their martial arts practice!
 Installation progressing smoothly, with Bart working alongside the two very capable carpenters.
 All five panels matched up perfectly (p*h*e*w*) so there wasn't a lot of fussing afterward.

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