Friday, October 31, 2014


 Richard Serra, "East-West,/West-East" in the Qatari desert
 Bookbinding workshop at Katara Cultural Village, Wednesday, October 29, 2014
 Maowia introducing Qatar's Most Famous Artist, Yousef Ahmad, at Al Markhiya Gallery at Katara, at the opening for Qatari artist Ahmed Kassim and Palestinian artist Dena Mattar, October 29, 2014
Meeting with Huda Abdulla Al Saadi, the Director of the Girls Creativity Center and Wasfy, Ceramics Teacher, in preparation for the two workshops I would conduct there a little later in the week, October 26, 2014. Maowia, Cultural Affairs Advisor from the U.S. Embassy and our intrepid escort, helps with communication.

Okay, all those hoping for more pictures than I was able to post during the visit, here is a very small selection (all photos courtesy of Bart, my personal assistant, without whom there would not be as many pictures as I usually have to show after a trip) just to give you a taste of the range of activities covered in just a few short days in Doha. Where to begin trying to describe how incredible this trip was? Exhilarating and exciting, fresh, eye opening, exotic, HOT, amazing, rich. Those are just a few words worthy of describing the experience. I have many people to thank for making sure everything went smoothly and that I got as much as I did out of this wonderful cultural exchange: the U.S. Ambassador to Qatar, Dana Shell Smith and her husband Ray, Maowia, Kristen (the cultural attaché), Huda, Abbie (no kidding, her name is Abi, or similar but says she will now perhaps change it to my spelling!), Wasfy, the Director of the Katara Art Center (whose name I unfortunately did not catch!), and of course many, many others. I was introduced to more wonderful people than I can possibly remember. So grateful for everyone's help and support.

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