Monday, October 13, 2014

Countdown to Qatar: Ten days!

For some reason I couldn't add text to my last post. What you're seeing is the art transport van and Flo and Angel packing up Library to send it on its way to Qatar for the Art in Embassies exhibition. What professionals! I have no worries that the panels will arrive safely as they were packed in bubble wrap then surrounded by cardboard then they will be crated for further protection. As long as they don't sit in the hot desert sun (some parts might melt due to the wax I use here and there) they'll be fine.
Spent last week getting ready for my annual two day Open Studio event as part of the Belfast Creative Coalition Farm and Art Tour. Saturday was slow, due, I think, to the dark and cool day but Sunday was fantastic. Sunny blue sky and warm sun brought lots of people out and I saw old friends as well as new. The studio is packed right now with new work from the summer and early fall. It's great to have a way to share it with those interested enough to make the trip to Appleton.
This week the lovely people who are making the arrangements for the Artist Exchange, Welmoed and Kristen (as well as many others, I'm sure!), will be working on my itinerary for the days I'll be in Qatar so I should know shortly what my responsibilities will be. I've been lucky enough to meet a great couple here who lived recently in Doha and they have been sharing their thoughts, including reassuring me that Qatar Airlines will treat us very well on the flight over! Now I'm actually looking forward to the flights!

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