Friday, September 2, 2011

Great News

Fantastic news! My back is healing normally, on schedule and I have been given the green light to get back behind the wheel. Being able to drive again when you live a half hour away from ANYTHING is HUGE! Many thanks to those who have chauffered me around these last five weeks and gratitude to those who offfered to help in any way. I'll have pain for awhile but it is reassuring knowing that all those aches and pains are a normal part of the healing process. The disappointing news is that I probably won't be able to curl the first half of the season as I won't even be able to start any kind of physical therapy until after the beginning of November, (when I can shed the brace for good) which is the start of the season. Bummer, but I am really, really, really glad that I am still on this earth to be able to return to the things I so love to do and hug the people I love............

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