Thursday, July 28, 2011

A little more of the story

It's Thursday, July 28 so it has been a good ten days since the accident. I've recounted parts of what happened to people along the way and I've just read Eva's account of what happened. As we taxied down the runway on the island I waved, as I always do, to my Dad and other family members and friends who see the planes off. We were in the air only briefly before I was aware of the engine trouble and Rob saying something, though I don't remember what it was. Next thing I knew there was the impact of hitting the water and the plane began to sink fast. I saw the water rising out my window and thought to myself," If I don't get this door open RIGHT NOW I won't be able to push it open against the water." So I undid my seatbelt and I did, and I got out. Once my head was above water I looked around for the others and almost right away saw K.C., with her bloody chin,on the other side of the plane. Then I saw Rob and then we waited for Eva. It was long enough that I cried out "Eva! Eva needs to get out!! Where is Eva??" Then she surfaced, with blood, lots of it, on her face. From somewhere there was the flotation pod, I'm told from the belly of the plane. The rest of the plane disappeared fast. The four of us clung to this thing, trying to keep our heads above water and not swallow more salt water than we already had. Rob had a whistle which he blew on every few seconds. Eva had a strong consistant kick. We were trying to kick our way to the island which didn't seem that far away. At one point I decided I would try to swim to the isalnd and I let go of the flotation thing. K.C. said, "Where are you going?" And I said "I'm going to swim to the island." "Not in that direction you aren't" Then they all told me to get back there with them. I obeyed. Rob kept saying they were coming for us. I thought it was taking a long time, I was so cold. I floated on my back now and then to save energy.
I began to lose my energy. The Rob said "There's a boat!" and I looked up and saw a boat screaming toward us. Clayton got K.C. aboard his boat first then me, I think. I remember reaching for the gaff then having strong arms pulling me up and intot he boat where I saw K.C. curled up on the deck. After that I gave myself over to the rescuers and my memories are spotty: Robin Tarkelson talking to me, saying my name, Samantha's face, others I did not recognize. I was so cold. They were working hard to get me warmed up. I felt no pain at that point, just cold.

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  1. So happy that you made it through that ordeal Abbie. Mom, Dad, Kim, Carl, Kenny, the kids and I are sending our best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. Jody =)