Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello everybody. I knew that if I promised to startposting on my blog I would have to hold myself to it, so here goes. I have now been home for as many days as I was in Maine Medical in the truma unit. Great team down there, if you should ever know anyone who has to go there (god forbid). While there I was treated for severe hypothermia, numerous abrasions and bruises, a herniated colon requiring immediate surgery, and a fractured back. I am grateful that the back brace I am now sporting seems to be doing its job of keeping the vertebrae lined up so my back can heal on its own; Karen, who was next to me in the back of the plane, was not so lucky and had to have back surgery. Eva is back out on the island and I am sure with her strength and spunk is doing well and getting back into all that she does for the island. I will try to attach to this post the picture sent to me by Lisa Twombley, one of the islanders involved in the rescue. When I looked just now at the pictures of the plane after it had been recovered I began to feel sick. So that's all for now. Suffice it to say that I feel extremely lucky to be alive. I want to correct the information that we were in the water for a mere 20-30 minutes. More like 45-50. At one hour you begin to succomb. Love, Abbie

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