Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open Studio and Garden Tour

There was a fantastic turnout for the 20th annual Gardens of the Watershed tour on Sunday, July 10,this year. ARTgarden was one of the six featured gardens and the generous people of the Georges River Land Trust allowed me to open my art studio to the public for the event. Over 500 people came through, admired the many garden beds and had a chance to look at not only my art but my many collections of cool stuff. My niece Madeline was here making twig structures for the garden and got a number of commissions. Doug Smith painted two pictures on site for the art auction and my buddy Jessica Straus oversaw the sales of art and various other things from the studio. Bart did a fantastic job answering questions of all kinds and seeing that people did not feel parking-challenged along the driveway. It was so successful I plan to host another Open Studio event in mid September. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to come admire my gardens in their unusually tidy state please come by! (Well, call first, I might be working somehwere else.)

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