Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To Work!

Five weeks now since the plane crash. Bart indulged me over the weekend in a trip to Lucia beach so I could cool off and take a walk in another setting. I have been recounting the plane crash experience for someone different every day and each time it feels a little less real, I get a little more distance, though I continue to keep myself awake at night revisitng the terror, the rescue, the hospitalization...But today was a really great day as I had a chance to get into the studio and get back to work on my art. It may be crap until I get back into the rhythm of it but I don't care, what's important is that I am able to be in my studio and work again.....

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  1. Writer Anne Lamott tells us writers to always let yourself write a "shitty first draft." Some of my first drafts are REALLY shitty, and when they are, I feel Anne would be quite proud of me. So I think it's the same with art. Just let it be your version of a shitty first draft!