Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

Of course, every day is a beautiful day now. My friend Jessica is here for the week to take over for Bart while he starts his new job, which he did today. I got out and did three significant walks, with my new hiking poles--very effective for balance and confidence. We walked along the waterfront in Rockland, along the boardwalk and sat outdoors at Amalfi's to watch the boats. Later we went to Perry Pond so Jess could swim, where we ran into other Appletonions Heather, Lisa and Jan. It is so good to see everyone! I still have many thank yous to write, not the least of which are to my rescuers Clayton and Robin and others who came to get us in their boats and talk reassuringly to us en route to Pen Bay. I don't really know how to thank them but continue to embrace every get well wish that comes my way so for them to know I'm doing well is important.

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