Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Dearest Husband Bart

I realize I have said very little about Bart's role and support in all of this. That is not because I take him for granted! He has been ownderfully attentive to me and is the only one I want to put on and take off my back brace; it feels so intimate. He stayed with me in the Trauma Unit in Portland for the first four nights, then when I ws transferred went home to get some sleep and prepare for my homecoming. I could not have dreamed of a more loving life companion. We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this September 5, and when we first talked about how to mark this milestone months ago we thought PARTY but then thought well, maybe use the money for a trip...we opted for the trip and spent two and a half weeks this last May and June in London (four days) and Scotland, mostly the Outer Hebrides and Isle of Skye. The weather is supposed to be at its best in Scotland in May, less wet, no midges. It was a great trip in spite of the rain (plenty of it!) and we're so glad we went when we did. Now because of the accident we are getting visits from all our friends far and wide and that is MUCH better than a party where you feel afterward that you didn't really get to see anyone! In the middle of this life altering experience Bart started a new job after having been unemployed for three months. He has just finished his first week working at Fisher Engineering (a division of Douglas Dynamics) in Rockland where they make snow plows and he is Continuous Improvement Manager. He likes it! (And we'll soon have a snow plow on my trusty truck no doubt.) While he has been getting used to a new job my best buddy and former colleague from Concord Academy Jessica Straus has been here catering to my every whim and taking over in the kitchen garden weeding, watering, harvesting, replanting and deadheading where I left off three weeks ago. Talking, laughing and reminiscing with her all week kept my mind off the horrors of the accident. I am so appreciative not to have been left alone for Bart's first week of work...


  1. Your experience is so incredible - so shocking to have something like that actually happen. It's lovely that you are finding the gifts from the experience - the devotion of a loving partner, the kindness and care of good friends. It sounds like you have a lovely life where you are. I am feeling quite homesick for the coast of Maine at the moment.

  2. just remember...I am only 10 minutes away.

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